Teleste Video Monitoring Solution

It provides S-VMX solution with hardware and software enhancements for video survelliance systems.

What are the features of Teleste S-VMX monitoring solution that are superior to others?




Very simple building blocks design and Client/Server architecture allows systems to easily grow from few 10’s of cameras to many 1000’s

Entegrasyon Yeteneği

Tek bir operasyon platformunda herhangi bir kamerayla, sensörle, CCTV sistemleriyle kolayca entegre edilir.


Integration Capability

S-VMX solution can easily integrate any cameras, sensors, CCTV Systems or any type of system into a single platform


Command & Capture Application

Provides ability to visualize and control other video systems or any Windows based systems in a single client in a secure, flexible and cost-efficient way.

Ease of Use

The S-VMX is provided with a simplified configuration tool/wizard to easily Add and/or Edit devices.

Web Based Architecture

Since it has a Web-based architectural system, it enables efficient information flow in the database. Web based architecture allows our systems to grow more efficiently than any competitive VMS Vendor


Mobile Application

Operators of mobile devices can access the system via a simplified user interface


Multi-site Operation

It is provided by communication gateways and Web servers to allow multiple site and multiple stakeholder environments unlimited by number of locations or connections


GIS (Graphical Information Service)


  • Manage map and layers

  • Navigate on map

  • Overview map

  • Search on map

  • Present cameras on map

  • Present connection

  • Scenarios on map

  • Present places on map

  • Visualize real time video

  • Control PTZ cameras

  • Displays camera cones

  • Manage objects on maps

  • Locate device on map


Why Teleste’s S-VMX Solution was chosen:
  • Open broadband network system
  • System based on open standards
  • Unified system intended to interconnect with public and private video protection systems
  • Scalable system, interoperable especially with information system of Ministry of the Interior
  • User-friendly system to provide authorised officers access to live videos and recording, via a clear and homogeneous user interface
  • Highly secured system




Case Studies

  • Paris City Center Monitoring
  • Logan City Assembly – City Surveillance
  • Pattaya City CCTV System
  • Coast Guard System - Port of San Diego
  • Iziko Museums - Cape Town
  • Cape Town Metropolitan Police
  • CTA- Chicago Transit Authority
  • A major CCTV system for Swedish Transport Administration in Sweden