3D Virtual Tactical Training Simulation System

3D Virtual Tactical Training Simulation System

Highly developed simulation technology is being offered to the police and our soldiers with its highly impressive virtual reality system, "real-time human motion perception" and "whole body adapted".

Advantages of the System

  1. One-to-one replica guns

  2. 3D stereo system for every user

  3. Muscle stimulants which give electric shock (sign of injury and killing)

  4. Opportunity to fight individually or as a team

  5. Possibility to fight artificial enemies

  6. Possibility to fight in real environment (modeling a single medium)

  7. Evaluation by trainer after exercise

  8. Post-exercise reporting feature

Example: Simulation Training with FBI and American Army Curriculum


Why should be chosen this system?

  • Unlike Screen Simulators, DAUNTLESS™ takes Trainee from being “Passive” Observer of Screens   to “Active” Participant Immersed in a Virtual World with a full 360 degree Threat environment

  • 3D AAR is Immediately Available after any Training Session with all 3D Views/Perspectives and Data    on Every Trainee’s Performance, Shots Taken,     Hits/Misses Reports, all in Accessible Database

  • Federation of Systems permits training between systems locally or at different geographic locations, within the same Virtual Environment

3D Virtual Tactical Training Simulation System